Truly Treasured

In June of 2016 The Blue House Gallery and Studios presented Truly Treasured by Sophia Tuma. Sophia Tuma is a mixed media artist from Louisiana, exploring repetition, juxtapositions, and processes through her artwork. She received a BFA from Louisiana Tech University and has since moved to Dayton, OH, where she is pursuing an MBA from Wright State University.

From the artist:

With this found object based body of work, I am striving to bring attention to the beauty in the used, neglected, or insignificant objects in our world. My work emphasizes the subtle aspects of these items by incorporating large numbers of them into a unifying whole. Arranging materials such as paper, screws, or plastic grocery sacks in a deliberate, yet unnatural order presents viewers with an opportunity to investigate. These juxtapositions are intended to pull individuals out of their normal realm of thought by giving them a different perspective on the material and perhaps the opportunity to see a new beauty in some of the minute building blocks of our daily lives.

I alter many of the materials through tedious processes such as weaving, wrapping, knotting, or stitching, which places a larger contextual gap between the final piece and the material’s original appearance or purpose. Drawing viewers in with structured arrangements of color or shape, allows me to intrigue from a distance. I am fascinated with the way in which multiples can transform as their numbers increase, thus giving the viewer a range of aesthetic experiences as they move closer to the work. My most recent work focuses on combining images of natural beauty with synthetic recyclables, creating a new appreciation and treasured experience for the viewer.

Truly Treasured ran June 11th-30th 2016.