Artist By Artist

The Artist By Artist exhibition is a gathering of artists representing other artists. Through a variety of different media, each artist brings her or his own distinct skill set and approach to image making to the table to create a portrait of a different artist. The circle of artists is a local group of subjects and makers, including but not limited to colleagues and teachers and former students. This brings a different layer of knowing, understanding and challenge to the dynamic of the artist as sitter and subject.

Featuring new works from:
Jed Helmers
Erin Holscher Almazan
Glenna Jennings
Julie Jones
Colleen Kelsey
David Leach
Jeremy Long
James Luckett
Abby Maurer
Chloe McEldowney
Issa Randall
and Seth Wade

Curated by Erin Holscher Almazan and Seth Wade

Artist By Artist ran May 14th-31st 2016