Call For Entry

For our 4th anniversary as the Blue House Gallery, we’re celebrating once again by having an open ended any size printmaking show! We want as many works as possible and all works submitted will be accepted! The criteria for entering is easy, if you make something that is considered a print, you’re ready to apply!

The application is simple:

1.) Have a couple of prints, any medium, no frames, be willing to have them clothes-pinned/by magnets. There are no size restrictions although the bigger your work is the more difficult it might be to see depending on the turnout for the show.

2.) Pay the application fee of $15



3.) Print this form: Application Form

4.) Fill out the form and send your works to:

The Blue House Gallery
3325 Catalpa Drive
Dayton, Ohio 45405

5.) Make sure you’ve completed all of the above steps and your prints will arrive at The Blue House Gallery by August 3rd 2018 and you’ll be in our annual 1000 PRINTS exhibition. The installation will be documented heavily and we’ll be posting photos and videos of the show here and on our Facebook page! The show will open August 11th and will run through the 31st.Can’t wait to see your works!

Return shipping is the artists responsibility; we simply ask that your packaging is resealable and that you include a return shipping label. If you’re local and you’d prefer to drop off prints, the drop-off days are , August 3-4th, 12-5 pm. You’re welcome to come and pick them up after the show comes down in early September.
If you would prefer to avoid PayPal you’d be more than welcome to pay in cash or check at the time of the drop off. Paypal makes it much easier for our more distant artists (last year we had several works shipped from Europe and Asia) to participate.
The option to sell any prints is up to you, we do take a 10% fee for processing the sale as most transactions are handled via PayPal or Square register and that covers our costs, as well as time organizing and delivering the works to buyers.
The couple of prints is for each $15 entry. So if you wanted to submit 6 prints for the show the cost would be $45. We have no limit on the number of entries, some artists submitted as many as 12 prints last year. All of the money goes to supporting our educational programming and our Artist in Residency program.

If you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message at


Drop off Days!

We also have drop days for local people who want to avoid shipping charges to and from the gallery! Friday August 3rd from 12-5 and Saturday August 4th from 12-5pm you can simply come by and pay via check, cash, card or simply reference your payment online for 1000 PRINTS!. All prints need to arrive at The Blue House Gallery by August 5th, if there’s any issues feel fee to contact us!