End of List

End of List explores issues of exclusivity, materialism, decor, and the existential crisis caused by global warming.  Alex and Andy are very serious artists.

About Andy:

Andy Sloan Jackson is an artist working in sculpture and video.  His work imagines a rich, candy-coated cosmology full of reoccurring and reimagined signs and characters.  Weaving together glimpses of an imagined futures and parallel realiyies in the form of faux television programming.  He has a BFA from Georgia State University and an MFA from Ohio University.  He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is the founder and director of CONTROL CENTER, a small production company focusing on practical designs for print and motion concepts, with it’s very own gift shop.



From Alex:

My work in End of List  considers the dissonance between my real economic standing and the shiny, high end luxury world that fascinates me. My investigation into this incongruity takes the form of sculptural groupings and photographs consisting of vessel forms and motifs traditionally reserved for decoration in the homes of the upper crust of society. Dark lumpy vases and poly-satin drapes decorate the transitional space between just getting by and rolling high. 

Alex Kerr received his BFA in Ceramics from Georgia State University in May of 2015. Kerr primarily uses clay and found objects in his sculpture although recently he has started experimenting with video and photography. He currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia where neighbors and friends describe him as a perpetual scumbag princess.

End of List ran March 12th-April 1st 2016