New works from Bridgette Bogle.

From the Artist:

Despite its universal nature (everyone is born somehow or another), pregnancy has shrunk my focus to a vigilant awareness of my body. Literally, I’ve spent the last eight months navel-gazing.

This work is an outgrowth of that myopia; acting as a welcome distraction from the twin tugs of responsibility and anxiety accompanying these changes. This show is my impractical nursery instincts manifest. Sewing together well-washed sheets is comforting. The trinity of baby colors: light blue, pink and yellow, has defined my palette. Making these pieces lets me come to terms with physiological changes: fullness, leaking, pressure, parts of me that used to be hard being soft (like my pelvis) and things that used to be soft being hard (like my belly).

Alongside an awareness of my rapidly changing shape a more sculptural dynamic has emerged in my process. And although they are ever-present under the surface, I’ve so far only met my children through touch and feeling. Their soft tactile thumps and fumbling remind me of the joy in being pregnant.

Under-things ran from February 13th-March 4th 2016

Check out more of Bridgette’s work on her website: bridgettebogle.com