Significant Other

Significant Other is the first collaborative exhibition by Jeffrey Einhorn and Darcy Van Buskirk, who are also getting married later this month. While the timing of these events was pure coincidence, and the exhibition was not conceived of as an extension – symbolic or otherwise – of their forthcoming marriage, the persistent concerns of day-to-day life inevitably crept, as they tend to do, into the studio and have become the cohesive thread. The artwork in this exhibition, while more directly addressing broader themes of language, media, and kitch, also indirectly reflects their hopes and anxieties as a couple, as artists, and as individuals striving to balance the demands of artistic production and domestic bliss.

Jeff and Darcy worked independently on their contributions to the exhibition, but with a common approach to creating work through the recontextualization of everyday objects and materials, and with a mutually held philosophy that such gestures generate new meaning, transforming what once was mundane into something of significance.

Exhibition opened Saturday June 6th and ran through June 30th, 2015.