Our Artist in Residence program wants to provide early career, self-directed artists time, space and support to experiment and develop a new body of work in a creative supportive community environment in Dayton, Ohio.

The Blue House Residency offers residents a large live/work space in the living areas of The Blue House as well as a small studio/exhibition space adjacent to the other artist’s studios and the Gallery. Resident artists are welcome to utilize any of the facilities of The Blue House which include an electric-fired Kiln and a large Charles Brand Etching press. The Dayton area is also home to The Dayton Printmakers Co-op, which offers artists visiting opportunities to work in their print shop, the Rosewood Arts Centre which offers a variety of studios, and The Dayton Visual Arts Center a great place to connect with artists at all levels of interest and skill. All of our artists are encouraged to engage in the Dayton community during their stay and collaborate with local artists in an effort to bring about an exchange of ideas.

We currently do not offer a stipends to our artists in residence, but we also don’t charge a residency fee of any sort. Only a small application fee.


How To Apply:

Currently we ask all applicants to submit 10 “.jpg” slides, (minimum size 800×1000 pixels each) an artists statement, a letter of intent, and a $20 application fee via Paypal along with a recommendation letter from one of our former Artists in Residence. That last part might sound a bit weird, but creating those connections that spread beyond the Dayton area are important to us in our efforts to create a greater cultural awareness here in Ohio.

If you have any questions about our application process or to whom you might contact for a possible reference, please send us an e-mail.

To Pay your application fee, simply click this button:


Residency Dates:

Currently we only offer our residency during the Summer months of May, June, July, and August. We are hoping to fill each month with one resident artist, if you are requesting slightly different dates, or a shorter time frame, please indicate so in your letter of intent.