Latent Furnaces


The Blue House Gallery welcomes curator Ian Breidenbach from The Neon Heater. The Neon Heater is a artist run space in Findlay, OH. This exhibition, Latent Furnaces, comes from a curatorial project The Neon Heater has been executing  as a part of their seventh year exhibitions, titled The Temperature. This exhibition is one in a series of 26 exhibitions that span across the United States  and will run between September 2018 and May of 2019.. A loose conceptual narrative will connect the exhibitions via a monthly framework that unfolds throughout the course of the year. The narrative is a critique of the Art world and capitalist art market, American nationalism and exceptionalism, and universalized Hollywood blockbusters. March’s monthly theme is Something Utopian. With this theme The Blue House will be hosting an exhibition titled Latent Furnaces featuring the works of Paige Früchtnicht-Ponchak and Steven Cottingham. We hope you’ll be able to make it out to see this new exciting portion of The Temperature Saturday March 9th!

From The Neon Heater: In the fall of 2018, we will begin our seventh year of exhibitions, during which we will be trying something different.  The Neon Heater’s role will shift to include the curation of all of the exhibitions this year to maximize the number of artists  and spaces we can work with as well as the number of ideas we can explore. We’re looking at these nine months (Sept ’18 – May ’19) as one long exhibition called “The Temperature”. Using the context and aesthetics of the artists’ work, we will take the temperature of the art world and the socio-political climate. As current issues and recent elections have shifted the landscape, we ask: “who are we now, what is our role as artists?”

With this year, we’re hoping to provide an answer, or maybe better yet, ask a lot more questions.

We want to create connections between artists and artworks, curating themed exhibitions using the ideas and signifiers that the work brings with it. To connect all of the exhibitions, we’ll be creating a loose conceptual narrative that will unfold throughout the run of The Temperature.

Exhibition ran March 9th-31st 

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