Worries Bash!

Worries Bash Dayton!

The Blue House Gallery is excited to present Worries Bash Dayton, a collaborative community engaged art installation by Massachusetts based artists Caitlin & Misha. Worries Bash is a participatory installation consisting of recorded worries from hundreds of people recorded presented as part of a continuous audio portrait emanating from fragile papier-mâché sculptures. When attendees tap or hit the sculpture a worry will come into focus so that it can be heard clearly before again submerging into an abstract murmur. Worries Bash culminates with a ceremonial destruction of the sculptures as a means to share and release worries. This pairing of worries with celebration aims to provide some insight into the complexities of the anxieties we live with. Can the destruction of these interactive worry vessels create space for clarity? 

Would you like to become part of the exhibition and installation? Record your worries at https://worries.io/ and join in!


Caitlin & Misha create artworks which play with culturally relevant, yet sometimes utopic examples of sharing communities, livable ecologies, and the transmutation of waste. They employ traditional drawing, design, and sculptural techniques within a contemporary framework of interactive media and participatory installation. Among other things they create installations, games, and happenings where audience participation is a key component of the work and its message. Caitlin is an art consultant and curator and Misha is an Assistant Professor of Interactive Media at UMass Lowell.

Exhibition opened November 10th 6-9pm at The Blue House Gallery, 3325 Catalpa Drive, Dayton, Ohio 45405. Exhibition ran November 10th-December 6th.