Come out to The Blue House Gallery to see original works by Daina Mattis in her opening, “Bona Fide”!! The opening is on November 11th from 6-9pm, hope to see you there!!

About the show: Bona Fide is a new body of work by Daina Mattis that examines surface,imitation, process, forgery, consumption and perception. Through illusion, formalism and material, Mattis slyly addresses the trajectory of our cultural norms. Works include paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints that reference the history of art, the Western food culture and the entertainment industry. Imagery of master copies, imitation food, and props used on film and television sets entice the viewer to consider how reality is mitigated in today’s culture and how craft is redefined.

To Mattis, painting is about concealment, nuance, and reshaping. It’s a trench of layers historically, physically and personally. Striving for compositional ideals, Mattis utilizes traditional design principles of symmetry, grids and the Golden Mean. Opulence is embodied in elements of marble, French curves, doilies and columns; features that ornament and frame perception. The hard edges of the painting are shared by the physical linen; stretched, raw, exposed and nude. Physical linen surfaces are featured as object and subject, challenging illusion while cross examining the craft of the formal applications of faux painting and trompe-l’oeil. In a culture obsessed with the delusion of living forever, our manufacturing and consumption of the fake, temporary and disposable are hypocritical.

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For more information:
Exhibition runs November 11th-December 9th
Open hours every Friday 4-6pm during 
exhibition or by appointment
The Blue House Gallery and Studios 
3325 Catalpa Dr. / Dayton, OH 45405