All of our Artist Studios are currently rented out at this time, but feel free to check out each studios artist by clicking on their studio’s map!

"Studio 1" map

Studio 1 is the second largest of the studios available at The Blue House and has two beautiful windows allowing for a lot of natural light into the space. the two large white walls of the space make it a great encompassing art space.

Current Status: RENTED

"Studio 2" map

Studio 2 features high 12 foot ceilings and a window looking out onto regular wildlife which traverse the property of The Blue House. The “white cube” feel of this studio makes it ideal for installation artists.

Current Status: RENTED

Studio 3

Studio 3 is the largest of The Blue House Studios and is located in the basement of the facility.

Current Status: RENTED

"Studio A"

Currently our smallest studio, “Studio A” is our Artist in Residence studio.

Current Status: Available only through Artists’Residency

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