Opening November 8th 6-9pm at The Blue House Gallery!

Cerreality, is an installation that responds to the unique domestic context of the Blue House Gallery.  Inspired by the history of surrealism and Dada, both these art movements used common items to create strange figurations and illogical relationships, John O’Donnell uses breakfast cereal to create structures and spaces that engage the viewer through means of texture, taste, smell and nostalgia.  Many of O’Donnell’s past installations have remixed domestic arrangements as a way of emphasizing the importance and strangeness of everyday experiences. “I have used food as a material for several years because it is an automatic way to engage many senses of the viewer and when large amounts of food accumulate in unexpected ways it forces us to reexamine the materials that we consume on a regular basis.”


Recently in the media there has been several stories about the decline of cereal sales and new trends in the way Americans eat breakfast.  This is another reason that O’Donnell is interested in using cereal as his primary material, he wants to recognize the nostalgia that emerges when this way of life dissolves.  “I grew up in the 80’s, I waited all week to watch Saturday morning cartoons, it was also the only day of the week I was allowed to eat sugary cereals.  The cereal commercials were inseparable from the cartoons they interrupted. I was enthralled with maniacal ways of Toucan Sam, the Trix Rabbit, Captain Crunch and Lucky.

Feel free to check out John’s works here: http://www.johnodonnellprojects.com

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Show Dates November 8th-30th

The Blue House Gallery

3325 Catalpa Dr.

Dayton, Ohio 45405