Pomp and Plastic Things

Justin Hodges is an interdisciplinary artist from rural South Georgia, and a relatively recent transplant to the Ohio area. As an MFA candidate at the University of Cincinnati, Hodges began his final year of study in August of 2014. Pomp and Plastic Things will be his second solo exhibition in the region.

Often humorous and occasionally irreverent, Hodges’ work speaks the language of commodification. Photographs pull from advertising and product imagery while assembled sculptures make no attempt to hide their readymadeesque quality. In Pomp and Plastic Things, Hodges meditates on the structure created by our economic system. With anything ranging from artificial trees to armchairs, Hodges calls into question the ways in which viewing the world through this lens shapes our perception of reality.

Check out Justin’s work here: http://www.justinhodgesart.com


Show Dates: September 20th,- 30th, 2014