D I C T I O N  a series of works by Tyler Peffley June 10th-30th.

Born Tyler Vaughn Peffley, in Antwerp, Oh, 1983; Tyler came to the Dayton area to study art at Wright State University. He completed his BFA with a concentration in printmaking in 2006. He has been active in the Dayton art scene ever since, and began teaching at Stiver’s School for the Arts in fall 2006, where he started the first Printmaking Department. He then began teaching printmaking at the University of Dayton in 2013. No longer teaching, he continues to actively show and expand his audience as well as his visual language.

From the artist:
My paintings and drawings each present an arena of challenges and atmosphere. Themes ranging from psychological and social detachment to the relationship between authority and the imperative, are often explored quietly using illusion, exaggerated pictorial devices and idiosyncratic image qualities. Graphic color themes and the manipulation of light and contrast affect mood and temperature. Shifting tonal and spatial relationships paired with an ambiguous narrative, create tension in otherwise quaint familiar images.

This body of work focuses on the struggle within surroundings. In many of these works the idea of a “surrounding” comes into question. The depiction of nature can be a conceptual stand-in for a variety of things, the historical battle between abstraction and figuration, the relationship between the artist and viewer or the struggle of humanity in an image saturated culture.