PROBS GPOY BUT IDK was an immersive experience by Lauren Post which opened at The Blue House Gallery Saturday October 15th, 2016

From the artist: My work is an exploration of a stream of moments that I might, otherwise, take for granted. The viewer should see my photos and feel uncertain of time and space. My work is meant to transcend the concept of reality and touch upon the emotional sensitivity of the viewer, bringing about an escape into similar moments which they’ve experienced. Through dreamlike, saturated images I am able to tap into the esoteric core of imagination, the poetic realm in which the effects of the empirical upon the conscious are unknowingly explored. Exposing the imagery and texture of the poetic interpretive core allows my art to communicate our primitive, emotional foundation, thus impacting my viewers in a cathartic manner, and providing myself with the same release.

As an artist, I want to participate in the spiritual re-energizing of our culture. I believe that society is lacking the guidance and transcendence which art can provide. Within the structure-less force of post-modernity, there is an opportunity to recreate our artistic and spiritual drive without the limiting confines of established, accepted framework. Through constant education, exploration and creation I want to participate in the movement to get society back in touch with itself. In doing this, I will achieve the personal and artistic growth that is vital for my acceptance of existence.

The Blue House Gallery and Studios opened PROBS GPOY BUT IDK Saturday October 15th and the exhibition ran through October 31st.