All Directions Lead Home

Brian James Priest and Danielle Rante are Priest & Rante.  Their collaborative work stems from common themes in their individual studio practices, which mutually examine interdisciplinary science and natural phenomenon. With Priest’s background in sound, sculpture and multi-media and Rante’s background in drawing and printmaking, the artists employ an array of media to create installations that seek to engage nature as an accumulation of processes, perceptions, and narratives.

Priest & Rante have exhibited nationally and internationally, working out of Indianapolis, Indiana and Dayton, Ohio.  Priest received his MFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2007 and currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at DePauw University.  Rante received her MFA from The University of Iowa in 2006 and is an Associate Professor of Printmaking and Drawing at Wright State University. 


All Directions Lead Home ran September 10th through the 30th.