Our Big Fundraiser!


The Blue House Gallery is approaching its Third Anniversary and is ready to transition from a volunteer organization to a non-profit arts institution and we need your help! We want to raise $10,000 to fund The Blue House Gallery’s operations throughout the rest of the year and use as our launchpad to becoming a non-profit arts institution for Dayton, Ohio. 

Regularly we depend on our artists to volunteer their time and energy to travel from across the country to Dayton, Ohio to share their creative vision with our community. This is difficult at best, and nearly impossible at other times considering we’re all just volunteers. We want the opportunity to be able to fund the artists we’re bringing in through honorariums for their time, funding for travel, and supplies. This money will also go to covering the costs of the space in general, including repairs, and our rental costs through the rest of 2017.

The Blue House Gallery is approaching our three year mark and we’ve hosted more than 30 shows, and works from more than  250 different artists, as well as hosted 3 different artists-in-residence. This funding will allow us to do even more and bring even more art to our community. We’re very lucky to have the support of such a wonderful community so far and hope you can continue to support this effort and take the time to donate! 

As a reward, our amazing group of participating artists have come together and given us some cool gifts to make this fund-raiser happen with rewards at varying levels as our way of saying thank you for your support!

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